Who we are

Vitali S.p.A. is today considered one of the most representative companies among those operating in the construction industry and road around the northern Italy. At its production plants Vitali produces concrete, asphalt and aggregates, all in full compliance with environmental regulations and performance. Only after...

Quarry of Caponago

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Other productive structures

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Our vehicles fleet and equipments

Right means for accurate results
It’s essential and beneficial have advanced machines and skilled technical personal: these minimize the environmental impact, favors a steady progress of work and ensures a high degree of comfort, protection and security.

Environment and Quality

The Vitali Group has set itself the objective to provide products and services that meet the demands and expectations of its customers and partners always in compliance with regulatory requirements to increase the satisfaction, moving towards that goal their business processes. To this purpose it is equipped with an internal laboratory which ensures a continuous monitoring of our products in all stages of processing in order to enable consistently high quality.


Vitali’s plants produce concretes, asphalts and conglomerates, all in compliance with the environmental and performance norms. Concretes are realized with certified guarantee processes (RcK) and with materials coming from our quarries. Materials that we produce are continuously controlled from our laboratory of research and development. Our laboratory guarantees quality, safety and correspondence with our clients’ requests.


The Group Vitali has the objective of provide products and services congruent with the requests and the expectations of its clients and partners, always in accordance with the normative standards in order to increase their satisfaction. All the company processes are aimed at these objectives. With this intent, the Company has an inner laboratory to ensure a continuous monitoring of our products in all phases of the production, in order to always guarantee an high quality.