Recycling of secondary raw materials

In the last years, give attention to the environment has become a primary objective for Vitali S.p.A, because the Company believes that the sustainable development is a very important variable in the Company strategy. Through specific treatment plants, Vitali S.p.A carries out a complete recycling of demolition waste and it is able to transform waste material in genuine raw material.

This operation is particular useful from the economic and environmental point of view, because that reduces the excavation of raw materials and avoids the abandonment of demolished products in unauthorized areas.
In order to protect the environment, Vitali chooses a Company policy sensitive to the recycle of demolition materials.
These materials are composed by conglomerates, bricks, pottery and concrete that have great recycle potentialities, but usually these materials are not used because they are taken to landfill.

We have to highlight that Vitali S.p.A recycles using technically and technologically interconnected phases, such as milling, checking, selection and separation of the metal parts from the unwanted one, in order to obtain suitable and selected conglomerates.

The material ready to be recycled is subject to a preliminary control in order to remove possible polluting agents. The demolished material is treated by specific and advanced plants where the waste will be transformed in conglomerates and after they will be used to fill the road foundations.

The recycling of demolished materials lead to great advantages:

  • Reduce the need of landfill for conglomerates;
  • Reduce the uncontrolled abandonment of demolition materials;
  • Reduce the excavation of non-renewable raw materials;
  • Allow the recycle of materials as iron contained in concrete and in prefabricated elements.