The production process

Vitali S.p.A is one of the first Company in the real estate sector that obtained the certification about the control of production of asphalt with the attestation 2+ in accordance with the norm UNI EN 13108:2006. This certification adds to the previous certifications of control of the production of concrete and conglomerates. Today Vitali is one of the most representative Companies working in Italy in the real estate sector. The production division is specialised in concrete, asphalt and aggregates of quality. All the productive processes are equipped with specific control plans that permit to evaluate the qualities of the product in all phase of production. In order to ensure a continuous monitoring of the materials' quality, Vitali has an inner laboratory of control and analysis. In short, Vitali S.p.A and its organisation prove that the aim of the Company is the quality.

The production plants of Caponago (Milan) and Cisano Bergamasco (Bergamo) have the Certification “Control of the process of concrete production (F.P.C.)” and “Control of Industry production (concretes and asphalts have the CE mark)” in compliance with the law (D.M 14th September 2015, D.P.R 246/93, UNI EN 12620 and UNI EN 13043). These systems of control perfect the System of Quality Management.