Ponte S.Pietro

The Ponte San Pietro plant has been operational since 1995 and it is considered as being one of the most important among those operating in the asphalt sector in the province of Bergamo.
The site uses latest generation avant-garde plant and equipment and has a high production capacity capable of meeting any requirements in full compliance with environmental and safety standards.
Thanks to the experience and the constant professional updating of our technicians, the plant can produce quality asphalt, complex high modulus conglomerates, splittmastix road carpets, coloured asphalts as well as porous drainage and sound-absorbing conglomerates.

The bituminous conglomerate production plant is fully automated and controlled from a latest generation control centre.
The plant itself is very large, with height of more than 10 metres, and covers a vast area which is also used for storing aggregates, handling raw materials and storing the finished products.
The showpiece of the entire plant is the milled asphalt recycling system which can recover up to 30% of the composition of the mix, with a substantial saving in the need for natural aggregate from quarries.
The plant is also used for storing waste material authorised by the Province of Bergamo. Materials come from demolition sites, as well as the sale of high-quality inert materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand and screenings.


  • Production and sales of asphalt;
  • Demolition waste recycling centre;
  • Sales of aggregates.