Building Materials

We produce new raw materials for building.

Vitali S.p.A. produces building materials at their own facilities. The materials produced include: concrete, traditional asphalt, specialised asphalt and ecological and asphalt aggregates. Production processes protect the environment and assure the performance characteristics of the materials.

Among Vitali’s building materials, its concrete stand outs. It is made with aggregates that come from the company’s own quarries, is produced through certified processes and has performance characteristics which are RcK guaranteed. The building materials we produce are verified on an ongoing basis by our research and development laboratory. They ensure quality and safety and that materials correspond to the required technical specifications.

In addition to traditional building materials, we also produce materials upon request, such as modified high strength asphalt for soundproofing and draining pavement. Choosing high quality building materials is important for a successful project. It is also important for us as a company, allowing us to help you achieve your goals. We carry out updates and ongoing research in order to provide a product that is high quality and durable. This is particularly evident with our innovative building materials.

Vitali S.p.A. has always been committed to environmental sustainability with regard to its building products. Thus, we are dedicated to producing sustainable and environmentally friendly materials which are completely innovative and ecological. Our long experience, combined with innovative business know-how, allows us accurately monitor products both during and after the production process, resulting in ones that are tested and certified.

Vitali S.p.A. building products (aggregates, cements and additives) all carry the CE mark.