Aggregate Materials: quality products

There are natural and artificial aggregates as well recycled ones made from previously used construction materials. Inert material forms the backbone of all these aggregates, which are held together by concrete or mortar. It is important to note that inert material represents 80% of the mass of ordinary concrete. This means that choosing quality inert materials is important to obtain above average results. The curvature of aggregate particle size in inert material is thus, fundamental.

In addition to recovering secondary raw materials, Vitali S.p.A.’s state-of-the-art facilities allow it to be a leading manufacturer of quality inert materials including:

  • gravel
  • rubble
  • sand
  • sifted material

Vitali S.p.A. carefully and exclusively selects the finest quality raw materials to ensure perfect results in terms of the final product and customer satisfaction.

Inert Recovery

Vitali also specialises in the recovery of demolition debris using the latest generation treatment plants which are able to transform waste material back into raw material. This operation is particularly advantageous from an economic and environmental point of view. It reduces the need for the further excavation of natural raw materials and the abandonment of demolition refuse in unauthorised areas.

Sand, gravel and crushed stone: every inert material has its own characteristics

Each type of inert material differs in quality, shape, size and use.
Vitali S.p.A. uses only quality inert materials and offers its customers products meeting the characteristics they want. The Production Division of the Vitali Group occupies a prestigious position with regard to making all kinds of inert material. For this reason, we are sure to satisfy every customer.