The Company has vast experience in the production of high quality materials

In the modern well-equipped laboratories, our qualified technicians select the raw materials in order to create a product of the highest quality.
The bituminous conglomerates produced and marketed by us include:

  • all-in bitumen;
  • binders;
  • bituminous emulsion in drums or loose;
  • bitulite;
  • winter crushed stone bitumen in bags or loose.

Modified asphalts

A special line of products for obtaining maximum performance.

Using our extensive experience in the sector of bituminous conglomerates, we have developed the use of modified bitumen as an alternative to the traditional bitumen.
The modified bitumen possesses technical characteristics that make it particularly suitable for high-performance road surfaces, i.e. those exposed to higher thermal and/or dynamic stresses superior than standards.

Tests carried out on the modified bitumen, in their various mixes, have demonstrated an increase of five principle mechanical properties:

  • resistance to compression and tension at all temperatures
  • resistance to persistent and repeated stresses at all temperatures
  • resistance to permanent deformation, in particular at medium and high temperatures
  • resistance to stripping and crumbling, in particular at low temperatures
  • resistance to ageing

Modified bitumen are recommended for the preparation of high-strength soundproofing draining surfaces for roads and motorways carrying heavy and intense traffic.

An example of product types:

  • grenu and semigrenu conglomerates;
  • porous conglomerates for draining and soundproofing surfaces;
  • high modulus conglomerates;
  • filled conglomerates for hardstandings, container yards and similar;
  • coloured conglomerates (red, green, etc);
  • splittmastix road carpets.