Coloured asphalt for eye-appealing use as street furniture

When aesthetics need to be taken into account in paved areas, coloured asphalt is the best solution.
Vitali S.p.A. facilities produce coloured asphalt which is useful for the construction of bike paths, hillocks, small urban paved areas and the like.

Coloured asphalt is mostly used for smaller paved areas in urban environments. It gets is colour by adding pigment to the asphalt. Coloured bituminous conglomerate is the last layer of pavement to be applied and is recommended for all situations in which a customised result and minimum environmental impact is required.

The composition of coloured asphalt

This particular product is made from a mixture of crushed stone, grit (of variable types depending on the desired colour), sand, mineral additive (filler), dyes and pigments. These materials are combined while heating the mixture and a transparent petroleum-derived binder is used.

Coloured asphalt is mainly used in the following contexts:

  • parking areas and local roads with low traffic flow;   
  • pedestrian areas, sidewalks, parks and bike paths;   
  • paving in green areas;   
  • any other situation in which customised paving with low environmental impact is needed;   
  • roundabouts.
Coloured asphalt has the same characteristics as common concrete asphalt: it's inexpensive, easy to install and waterproof. The only difference is the addition of dye when the material is mixed. This allows laying asphalt with durable, long-lasting colour.
Coloured asphalt is available in different shades since inert colour substances can be added at the time of mixing. These include red for bike paths, brown for central squares or yellow for speed bumps.
Vitali S.p.A. offers all types of customised coloured asphalt solutions for specialised pavement use.