Fillerised Conglomerates

Among the various types of asphalt it produces, Vitali S.p.A. also makes fillerised conglomerates which are particularly suitable for normal urban paving.

Bituminous conglomerate compositions have a percentage of voids in them (these voids vary according to the type of conglomerate and aggregate used). Voids can be filled by using special small-size materials or so-called fillers.

A filler is a component of very small size (<0.063 mm) which allows the percentage of voids within a conglomerate to be reduced. Due to its size, it can fill in the space that exists between the other aggregates present in the composition. Based on the percentage of voids, we distinguish two categories: draining asphalt (open) and fillerised conglomerates (closed).

Draining asphalt, due to its high porosity and higher percentage of voids, ensures water drainage. Closed (or fillerised) conglomerates, in contrast, have a low percentage of voids. Their distinctive characteristic is good surface roughness, which guarantees stronger grip and stability.

Vitali S.p.A. produces high quality fillerised conglomerates particularly suited for classic urban paving.