Grenu and semigrenu

Vitali S.p.A. produces and distributes various types of concretes, presenting the customer with a very wide choice. Among its bituminous options, the production division also makes semi-open grenu conglomerate (using heat).

The features of half-open grenu asphalt span those of both open and closed conglomerates. The percentage of voids is from 5-7% due to the partial use of filler. However, it has features similar to open conglomerates.

Typically, a paved road is composed of three layers: the base, link and wear layers. Only the link and wear layers (the two most superficial ones) are made with bituminous concrete.

Carpets able of ensuring adhesion and impermeability are used for the wear layer. The conglomerates used in this layer come into direct contact with the traffic flow and atmospheric agents.

A semi-open conglomerate (grenu or semigrenu) is generally used for the link layer. The task of this layer is to bear heavy loads to the base layer without causing any permanent deformation. Grenu or semigrenu conglomerates are mainly used in the link layer or to connect the wear and base layers of paving.

The main objective of Vitali’s Production Division is to produce and supply customers with products that guarantee excellent results. The quality of the select raw materials used and our storage centres allow us to do this.
The Vitali S.p.A. team will assist you in choosing the most suitable product, whether it be a grenu conglomerate, semigrenu or any other type of road asphalt.