High modulus conglomerate

For those who need a conglomerate with particular strength characteristics, Vitali S.p.A. produces high modulus conglomerate. This is suited to road surfaces having intense traffic flow.

The terminology "high modulus" is derived from the higher mechanical characteristics these conglomerates have compared to traditional ones. To produce Vitali’s high modulus conglomerate, traditional bitumen or modified bitumen can be used. In contrast, the addition of polymers to the modified bitumen also produces excellent results.

The uniqueness of Vitali’s modulus conglomerate made with modified bitumen is its thermal susceptibility (its softening temperature is higher and its breakdown temperature lower).
Another strong point is that its elastic component resists deformation. It also has an increased useful life due to its slower aging process. High modulus conglomerate is normally used for link layers. Its formulation and placement are done with the same equipment used for conventional concrete.
This product is used to make load-bearing layers (a base or binder) and is precisely for roads that have intense traffic.

The use of high modulus conglomerate is particularly recommended to:

  • Support substantial loads;
  • Minimise the risk of deformation;
  • Increase resistance to fatigue and aging.

The Production Division of the Vitali Group provides high-quality conglomerates which reflect the company’s overarching philosophy.