Noise-deadening and draining asphalt: quality and greater efficiency

Draining asphalt is a material characterised by high porosity. It is made by mixing in large-diameter sand and coarse gravel which leaves small voids called ‘pores’.
The result is an open and porous paving material. When it rains, its characteristics allow water to soak up to the impermeable layer and then, due to a slight incline, flow towards the sides of the road.

This product presents considerable advantages in terms of greater durability (30% more than normal asphalt) and the absorption of vehicular noise (it has sound-absorbing characteristics).
We produce the best quality draining asphalt which is analysed and tested by our researchers.

The benefits of draining asphalt

Having a draining layer conveys several advantages. For example, paved areas with draining asphalt last for 7 years compared to those with normal asphalt which last only 5 years.
Another advantage is a reduction in the percentage of accidents due to the better grip of the road. According to some studies, draining asphalt reduces accidents by 25%.

While in some countries (like the Netherlands) draining asphalt is also present on roads outside of urban areas, draining asphalt in Italy is present on only 20% of motorways. Because of its efficient production facilities, Vitali S.p.A. makes high quality draining asphalt with select gravel and sand.