Splittmastix Carpets

A Splittmastix carpet offers superior performance due to the quality of the materials that go in to making it.
Splittmastix carpets allow excellent results in terms of safety, durability and stability. They also offer partial sound absorption and represent a potential solution for noise reduction on major urban roads and thruways.

Splittmastix Asphalt: composition

The wear layer of Splittmastix is composed of:   

  • aggregates (crushed stone of varying sizes, gravel and the like) which represent the solid part of the conglomerate;   
  • a binder, mainly consisting of modified bitumen;   
  • additives (natural cellulose, glass or acrylic fibres). These natural and artificial additives enhance the performance of the bituminous conglomerate.

The wear layer carpet is put down using vibratory pavers equipped with self-levelling mechanisms. It is very important that the pavers work in a way that leaves one final perfectly modelled layer.

Vitali S.p.A. produces and supplies Splittmastix carpets for customers. It suggests their use in operations involving motorway paving, particularly busy roads, dangerous curves or intersections on main roads with traffic lights.