Reinforced concrete: safety and quality in all building materials

With regard to reinforced concrete, Vitali manufactures materials with guaranteed performance (RCK) and high durability. It also offers a "custom" dosage range which is tailored to customer requests (Self Compacting Concrete, Additives, Lightened). This is in addition to the production of new composite materials made with synthetic fibres, metal and carbon with high dynamic qualities.

With reinforced concrete, as with all other products, Vitali S.p.A. aims to make and formulate superior products using select raw materials and applying specialised technical knowledge. All this is accompanied by a passion for "getting things done" (which has always characterised the company) and for prioritising customer support. The monitoring and analysis laboratory ensures a continuous checking of reinforced concrete at all stages of production, always ensuring the customer a high quality finished product.

RCK concrete: various types of product

RCK concrete: various types of product
This range includes the following types of specialised and non-specialised products divided by the strength class of the concrete:

  • Concrete for non-structural uses with guaranteed performance from C8/10 to C12/15
  • Ordinary concrete with guaranteed performance C16/20 to C20/25   
  • Durable concrete for structural use with guaranteed performance from C25/30 to C40/50   
  • Specialised and dedicated concretes: lightweight, self-compacting SCC, heavy, waterproof, fibre reinforced

Reinforced concrete is the most used building material in the world due to its durability and strength. Its strength is considerably increased by placing steel bars (reinforcement) within it. Reinforced concrete offers very good performance. However, performance is not enough for Vitali S.p.A. Our products are formulated with high quality, carefully chosen and carefully analysed raw materials, allowing us to offer the best reinforced concrete on the market.