Non-structural concrete with guaranteed performance - from C8/10 to C12/15

Non-structural concrete presents less strength and is not particularly durable over time.
Non-structural concrete is used primarily for secondary works such as thermal or acoustic insulation, fills, small walls or fences, insulating substrates, attics and the like.

Thermo-insulating properties

By exploiting the excellent insulating characteristics of non-structural lightweight concrete made with expanded clay or polystyrene, significant energy savings can be gained due to reduced heat dissipation. As such, it helps heating and air conditioning systems work at their best.

By precisely analysing the materials that go into it, we are able to produce quality non-structural concrete. Finding the right ratio of materials for creating the product means it will be of the highest quality.

Non-structural concrete is characterised by low durability. For this reason, its use is restricted to secondary works only. With this type of product, we assign a strength class from C8/10 to C12/15.