Ordinary concrete with guaranteed performance - C16/20 to C20/25

We produce quality concrete with guaranteed performance. This means that our pre-formulated concrete is a guaranteed to have the characteristics chosen and ordered by the customer. Ordinary concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. This is why our company is qualified to measure and monitor product quality. We guarantee the homogeneity of the materials used and their compliance with regulations.

Ordinary concrete (or NSC, Normal concrete strength) is characterised by good resistance to compression. However, it does not react well to direct tensile stresses or bending. For this reason, steel is added to concrete in the form of rods which then absorb tensile loads. The combination of concrete and steel gives rise to the most commonly used cementitious material or reinforced concrete.
H2) The quality of our concrete is our strong point

The ordinary concrete available in our storage centres is of excellent quality. We extract our own raw materials for production. We also recycle waste materials for reuse as raw materials, which helps with the disposal of construction waste. The production of high quality ordinary concrete has given the Vitali Group a significant position within the industry.
We classify our concrete according to strength class and type.
The ordinary concrete we produce is assigned a strength class from C16/20 to C20/25.