Photocatalytic Asphalt

Vitali Spa, Company leader in Italy and Europe in the sector of infrastructures and real estate, has developed extensive Know-how. Vitali S.p.A, always ready to adopt innovations and protect the environment, has carried out for its clients a revolutionary product: Photocatalytic asphalt.

The purpose of this innovative product is to contribute to reducing the organic pollutants present in the atmosphere created by factories, motor vehicles, heating systems, and so on, through the use of the photocatalytic process, which assimilates the photosynthesis process in plants.

The photocatalytic process starts in presence of air and light and, in fact, breaks down the organic and inorganic substances and transforms them into harmless products.
The problem of atmospheric pollution is taking on increasingly dramatic proportions. Vitali Spa, who invests a large part of its resources in Research and Development, has decided to contribute to improving environmental conditions by putting a stop to the emergence of pollution.
The use of photocatalytic products has proven to be effective, above all where atmospheric pollution is very high, because they possess good anti-pollution, dirt-proof and anti-bacterial properties.
These new materials are capable of “digesting” organic and inorganic atmospheric pollutants through the application of the photocatalytic process. The process involves the use of solid semiconductors capable of oxidising harmful substances down to their full mineralisation.

Our planet is a priority. For this reason, we use photocatalytic ecological asphalt

The use of photocatalytic asphalt represents a step towards a more aware future.
We should constantly renew our commitment to safeguarding the environment of our planet. Every day, millions of people, organisations and companies apply their own particular abilities, time and resources to do this.
Vitali S.p.A. is constantly striving to do the same in all our areas of our ​​expertise. In the case of our production activity, we provide an ecological asphalt which can contribute to reducing pollution on the planet.