Asphalting operations: Vital is an industry leader

Asphalting is among the core business of Vitali S.p.A. It has always played a fundamental role due to our decades of experience in the sector.
The company ensures perfect spreading of hot asphalt, whether it be to pave a new road or repair an existing one.
In addition to operations involving classic road surfaces, we also lay asphalt on sidewalks and in yards.

For the laying of asphalt, we use inert and natural bituminous conglomerates made of the highest quality materials available. This assures a perfect final result.
During our asphalting work, we always guarantee maximum safety.

The phases of hot asphalting

Milling of the old road surface and subsequent cleaning with the aid of a motion sweeper is needed for maintaining existing roads. A layer of asphalt is then placed on this prepared area. In general, paving consists of three layers: the base, link and wear layers.

In the case of newly built roads, a sub-foundation of mixed cement is put down before asphalting. This foundation will "carry" the successive layers of bituminous conglomerate.

All asphalting operations done by Vitali S.p.A. involve the use of the latest machinery and technologies to assure the best possible result.