A new Vitali specialty: cold asphalting

For the construction of road works, Vitali S.p.A. also uses cold asphalting, which differs from the classic hot laying method.

This involves using a cold bituminous conglomerate or fine grain amalgam and a binder (an effective additive for facilitating laying and plasticity). All this is done without the use of heat.

This flexibility is particularly suitable for upgrading road surfaces or to solve problems which endanger the grip of the road or its safety. Cold asphalting is ideal for solving any road problems as well as for filling in common holes. Its particular composition and ductility make it suitable for limited road repair works rather than paving an entire road surface. For this purpose, hot asphalting is preferred given its incomparable resistance.

Ease of application in cold asphalting allows it to be done in a very short time and with low costs due to the excellent workability of the product.
Applying it is very simple and involves a single coating of cold tar and its subsequent compaction.
Compaction may take place through the normal traffic flow or through the use of rollers. If necessary in some cases, further sealing takes place using sand or lime in order to speed up hardening.

Due to its long experience in the sector, Vitali S.p.A. uses and selects the best cold bitumen available on the market. This ensures the success and durability of the work. The quality of our work and customer satisfaction have always been our main objectives. For this reason, we always adopt the best equipment and the best available raw materials, as in the case of our cold asphalting.