Who we are

Vitali S.p.A. is today seen as one of the leading companies operating in the building and roads sector in all North Italy. In its production plants, Vitali produces concretes, asphalts and conglomerates in compliance with the environmental and performance normative. It was only after having acquired precise knowledge of the nature of aggregates and their characteristics that we decided to install plants for producing concrete, bituminous conglomerates and aggregates.
We know that only guaranteeing a continuous control of quality is possible to ensure a certified product, so we decided to open an inner laboratory of analysis.

The research of a new higher level of professionalism in the production process, drove us to continuous updates on vocational education and on modernisation of productive plants, always according to the law. We always be able to supply a great amount of products, also thanks to the recent opening of the new plant.
We pay attention to needs of our clients and we are able to offer technical assistance directly on the construction site. We also have our inner research and development laboratory of concrete and conglomerates and, in case, we are able to suggest to our clients a safe use of the products.