Innovative products and dedicated services
Vitali S.p.A. produces building materials at its own plants: concrete, traditional asphalts, special asphalts, ecological and aggregate asphalts, all this in full compliance with the environment and performance standards. Vitali supports its production activities with building services capable of meeting customers’ expectations as best as possible: a wide range of building services ancillary to production which are part of the company’s DNA.
Fleet of vehicles, machines and equipments
Production plants
Scientific research laboratories

Ongoing research for the best materials.

Choosing building materials capable of achieving high quality standards is important for the success of the work and it is important for us as a company to contribute to the achievement of your successful goals. We are always updating and researching in order to provide a durable and qualitatively superior product, a noticeable result especially in our innovative building materials.

Direct numbers for concrete, aggregates and asphalt orders.

Guaranteed performance and highly durable concrete.

Bituminous conglomerates for the best quality on the road.

Aggregate materials: quality products.

Environment and quality

Vitali Group has set itself the goal of providing products and services in compliance with the requirements and expectations of its customers and partners, always in compliance with regulatory requirements to increase satisfaction, directing its business processes towards this objective. For this purpose, the company has an on-site laboratory which guarantees continuous monitoring of our products at all stages of production in order to always provide excellent quality.