Calusco d’Adda Mining Site
Located in the municipality of Calusco d’Adda, in the area of Facchinette and Molino within the ATEg31 of the current quarry plan of the Bergamo Province, Vitali Group’s mining site covers an area of approximately 16 hectares. The entrance to the quarry is located in via Adda in the municipality of Medolago.
Quarrying and processing inert materials
Inside the production centre, inert materials are processed and sorted into specific sizes for sale. Inert materials are quarried and processed for the production of aggregates, using state-of-the-art specialised installations and equipment. The company stands out for its constant commitment to safeguarding all resources, raw materials, the environment and surrounding communities. Like for all other production sites, the philosophy of circular economy plays a predominant role. Proceeding northwards, there is the washing aggregate sludge settling tank, which covers an area of approximately 30,000 square metres, from which part of the water is taken to meet the water requirements. The plant is equipped with an efficient washing water recovery system, which is able to meet the stated objective of limiting the use of water resources. The material is processed wet and the yards are equipped with a humidification system to eliminate the spread of dust.
This activity also includes the collection of materials from outside the quarry, which will be used for environmental recovery activities by morphological reconstructions and backfilling, through excavated earth and rocks managed as by-products, about 470,000 cubic metres of excavated earth and rocks are expected to be used during the next few years of quarrying and restoration. Among the various materials used for the environmental recovery of the quarry, farming and excavation soil will also be included. The environmental recovery of the area aims at reintegrating the recovered area into the surrounding area, making it accessible to the community through the use of new pathways. The environmental recovery project includes the creation of different environments that are suitable for different species of animals. In addition, reforestation studies were carried out with the objective of obtaining a vegetation stratification, which is typical of mature forests. Monitoring procedures will be implemented during mining and environmental recovery activities, relating to the various environmental components involved, such as groundwater quality, dust, flora and fauna, using on-site and laboratory measurements. Monitoring is an integral part of the environmental recovery project to ensure proper integration of the area into its surroundings.
Quarrying plays a fundamental role, as long as it is in harmony with environmental requirements, and this is why Vitali S.p.A. invests significant resources to protect the environment, by contributing to the final recovery of surfaces affected by aggregate cultivation. From our point of view, the future of production goes hand in hand with the implementation of procedures compliant with ISO 14001 standards, to demonstrate that a high professional standard regarding the exploitation of natural resources can be compatible with a positive environmental impact.