Aggregate materials: quality products
There are natural, artificial or recycled aggregates, the latter made from materials previously used in construction. Aggregate material is the framework of the conglomerate, which is subsequently bound by cement or lime. It is important to know that aggregate material constitutes 80% of the mass of ordinary concrete: this means that the selection of high quality aggregate materials is significant for a final outcome above the norm; therefore, the aggregates grain size curvature is fundamental. 

Vitali S.p.A., besides the recovery of secondary raw materials, is also a leader in the production of quality aggregates through its state-of-the-art plants:
  • gravel
  • crushed stones
  • sand
  • screened ballast
Vitali S.p.A. carefully selects raw materials, of exclusively excellent quality, to guarantee an impeccable result in terms of final product and customer satisfaction.
Recovery of inert materials
Vitali is also specialised in recovering demolition rubble through cutting-edge treatment plants, which are able to transform waste material into real raw material. 
This operation is extremely beneficial from an economic and environmental point of view as it reduces the need to excavate natural raw materials and prevents the abandonment of demolished products in unauthorised areas.