Road asphalt production
Bituminous conglomerates for the best quality on the road. A long experience in the production of high quality materials. A long experience in the production of high quality road asphalt proves to Vitali Group that this is the right way to achieve excellent results also in the production of bituminous conglomerates. In laboratories equipped with modern equipment, qualified technicians select the raw materials used, creating a high quality product. Marketing and production of bituminous conglomerates involves:
  • out-venant bitumen;
  • binder;
  • bituminous emulsion in drums or loose;
  • bitulight sheet;
  • winter gravel in bags or loose.
A special range for maximum performance: modified bitumen
Confident of our extensive experience in producing bituminous conglomerates, we have developed the use of modified bitumens as an alternative to traditional bitumens. Modified bitumen offers technical features which are suitable for high performance road pavements that are exposed to thermal or dynamic stress above the norm. The tests performed on modified Bitumens, based on the different composition possibilities, showed an increase in five main physical characteristics:
  • resistance to compression and tensile strength, at all temperatures
  • resistance to persistent and repeated stress, at all temperatures
  • resistance to permanent deformation, especially at high and medium temperatures
  • resistance to stripping and crumbling, especially at low temperatures
  • resistance to ageing
Modified bitumens are suitable for the preparation of highly resistant sound absorbing draining pavements for roads and motorways with intense and heavy traffic.
Grenu and Semi-grenu
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Sound absorbing draining asphalt
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High modulus conglomerates
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Fillerized conglomerates
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Colored asphalt
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Splittmastix wear layers
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