Coloured asphalt for a visually appealing street design
When special aesthetic requirements are needed for paving a road surface, the use of coloured asphalt is the best solution. 
Vitali S.p.A. plants produce coloured asphalt which is suitable for the construction of cycle paths, bumps, small urban pavements, etc.

 Coloured asphalt is mainly used for the construction of minor pavements, mostly in urbanenvironments; its colours are achieved by adding colouring pigments to the conglomerate. 
The coloured bituminous conglomerate is the last layer of the pavement and is recommended in those areas where a customised and eco-friendly impact on the environment is required.
Coloured asphalts composition
This particular product consists of a mixture of crushed stones, grits (of variable type depending on the desired colour), sand, mineral additive (filler) and colouring pigments. The combination of these materials creates a mixture to be hot mixed with a transparent petroleum derived binder. 

Coloured asphalt is mainly used in the following cases: car parks and local roads with low traffic flow; pedestrian areas, pavements, parks and cycle paths; roads located within green areas; any other situation where a personalised and eco-friendly paved area is required; roundabouts. Coloured asphalt has the same characteristics as ordinary asphalt: it is economical, easy to lay and waterproof. The only difference lies in the addition of the colouring agent when mixing the materials; this will provide an asphalt that will maintain a lasting colour, with no deterioration over time. Coloured asphalts are available in several colours, thanks to the special aggregates added when mixing: red for cycle paths, brown for asphalting a public square or yellow for signalling a bump. Vitali S.p.A. offers customised solutions for all types of coloured asphalt, for special pavements.