Draining sound-absorbing asphalt: superior quality and efficiency
Draining asphalt (porous asphalts) is a type of material characterised by high porosity, it is obtained by mixing larger gravel and sand (fine gravel is excluded), which leave small gaps in the conglomerate known as pores. 
The result is consequently an open and porous pavement: in case of rain, these characteristics allow the water to drain down to the waterproof layer and, thanks to a slight slope, to flow towards the edges of the road.

 This product has considerable advantages in terms of durability (30% more than ordinary asphalt) as well as vehicular noise absorption (it has sound absorbing characteristics). 
We produce the best quality porous asphalt, analysed and tested by our researchers.
Porous asphalts advantages
Porous pavements have several advantages: for example, a pavement laid with porous asphalt lasts 7 years (compared to 5 years with ordinary asphalt). 
Another advantage is the reduction in accident rates thanks to a greater grip: according to some studies, asphalt has a 25% influence on accidents. 

While in some countries (such as the Netherlands) porous asphalt is also used on extra-urban roads, in Italy porous asphalt is used only on 20% of all motorways.
Vitali S.p.A., thanks to its efficient manufacturing centres, produces high quality porous asphalt, using selected gravel and sand.