Grenu and Semi-grenu
Vitali S.p.A. produces and distributes different types of conglomerates, providing customers with a very wide selection; the Production division, among the various bituminous conglomerates, produces also semi open hot grenu conglomerate. 

Semi-open grenu bituminous conglomerates have characteristics oscillating between the performance of an open conglomerate and that of a closed conglomerate. The gap percentage is 5-7%, thanks to the partial use of fillers; but at the same time they have similar characteristics to open ones. 

Generally, a road pavement consists of three layers: the base, the connecting layer and the wear layer; only the connecting layer and the wear layer (the two closest to the surface) are made using bituminous conglomerates. 

For the wear layer, we use conglomerates capable of guaranteeing adherence and impermeability: the conglomerates used in this layer will be in direct contact with the vehicular flow and atmospheric agents. 

A semi-open conglomerate (grenu or semigrenu) is usually used for the connecting layer; the task of this layer is to convey heavy loads to the base layer without causing permanent deformations.
Grenu or semigrenu conglomerate is mainly used to connect the wear layer to the pavement base. 

The main objective of Vitali Production division is to produce and supply customers with products that guarantee excellent results, thanks to the quality of raw materials selected and used in our storage centres. Vitali S.p.A. team will be able to assist you in choosing the most suitable product, whether it is grenu, semigrenu conglomerates or any other type of road asphalt.