Non-structural guaranteed performance concrete – C8/10 to C12/15
Non-structural concrete is a less resistant reinforced concrete type, because it does not have particularly durable characteristics over time. 

Non-structural concrete is mainly used for the construction of secondary works such as thermal or sound insulation works, fillings, small walls or fences, insulating sub-floors, attics, etc.
Thermal insulation properties
Taking advantage of the excellent insulating properties of non-structural concrete lightened with expanded clay or polystyrene, results in significant energy savings due to reduced heat loss. Heating and air conditioning systems will operate efficiently.

 We produce a high quality non-structural concrete. This is due to the precise analysis carried out on the composition of its component materials. Finding the right proportion between the materials that give life to the product means raising it to the highest quality.

 Non-structural concrete is characterised by low durability; for this reason it is used only for secondary works.
 To this type of product we assign a resistance class ranging between C8/10 and C12/15.