Ordinary concrete with guaranteed performance – C16/20 to C20/25
We produce quality concrete with guaranteed performance: this means that our pre-packaged concrete guarantees the characteristics chosen by the customer at the time of ordering Ordinary concrete is the most widely used building material in the world: this is why our company is qualified in measuring and controlling the quality of the product, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the materials used and complying with current regulations. 

Ordinary concrete (or NSC, Normal strength concrete) is characterised by good compressive strength, its reaction to direct tensile stress or bending stress is however very poor. This is why steel rods are added to concrete, to absorb the tensile stress. The combination of concrete and steel creates the most frequently used cement based material commonly known as reinforced concrete.
Concrete quality is our strong point
The ordinary concrete produced in our storage centres is of excellent quality; we extract the raw materials used in production as well as recycle waste materials to facilitate construction waste disposal and to obtain other raw materials. Producing an ordinary concrete of excellent quality grants Vitali Group an important position in the industry.

 The concretes we produce are identified according to the values determining the strength class relative to the concrete type. The ordinary concrete we produce has a strength class referring to the following values: from C16/20 to C20/25.