Disposal of construction waste: Vitali’s complete service
Vitali S.p.A. is a specialized company that has been operating for over 20 years in the collection, treatment and disposal of construction waste deriving from building activities or demolition of structures. We use our own specialised facilities such as storage, waste treatment and building material disposal plants to carry out these procedures; the production sites are located in the Lombardy region, more precisely between the provinces of Milan and Bergamo. As always, it is of utmost importance to us to provide our customers with quality products and services at reasonable costs. Our sites for the disposal of construction waste are equipped with the best technologies, synonymous with reliability and quality. They are managed in compliance with efficiency standards and are located at:
  • Caponago (MB) Via Cascina Bertagna;
  • Ponte San Pietro (BG) Via Don Gnocchi;
  • Cisano Bergamasco (BG) Via Mayer5.
Vitali S.p.A. pays particular attention to the disposal of construction debris and waste material collected in storage centres where they are processed and reused as secondary raw material. 
The recovery of these materials makes it possible to reduce extractions of raw materials, which is beneficial both to the environment and the territory. 

Materials that cannot be recycled are in any case collected and subsequently disposed of in landfills; we have specific sites suitable for the collection of materials such as cement, bricks, tiles, ceramics or various types of slag. 

Vitali Group has always operated with the utmost care for the environment, supporting customers with construction waste disposal services guaranteeing satisfaction and quality of service.