Splittmastix wear layers
Splittmastix wear layer provides a higher performance level than the norm thanks to the quality of the materials chosen to create this product. 

Splittmastix wear layers provide excellent results in terms of safety, durability and stability. The product has a partial soundproofing characteristic, which makes it a possible solution for noise reduction on main urban roads.
Splittmastix Asphalt: the composition
Splittmastix wear layer consists of:
  • aggregates (crushed stones, gravel, etc.) representing the solid part of the conglomerate;
  • binder, consisting mainly of modified bitumen;
  • additives (natural fibres such as cellulose, glass or acrylic fibers): these are natural or artificial products that improve the performance of the bituminous conglomerate.
The laying of wear layer is done with the use of vibratory finishing machines equipped with self-levelling mechanisms; it is very important for the work done by the vibratory finishers to leave a perfectly shaped final layer. Vitali S.p.A. produces and supplies its customers with Splittmastix wear layers, advising them for interventions related to the paving of motorways or particularly busy roads, dangerous curves or traffic light junctions on main roads.