Asphalt paving operations: Vitali a leader in the sector
Among Vitali S.p.A.’s core businesses, asphalt paving has always played a fundamental role, thanks to decades of experience in the sector. The company guarantees a perfect heat bonded asphalt paving: whether asphalt is being paved on a new road or an already existing one.
Besides working on traditional road surfaces, we also pave sidewalks and service areas. 

For asphalt paving we use bituminous conglomerates consisting of aggregates and the best quality natural bitumen available, to guarantee an excellent final result.
 During our asphalt paving works we always guarantee utmost safety.
Heat bonding asphalt paving phases
Maintenance work on existing roads is done by milling the old road surface and then cleaning it using a road sweeper. 
This surface is then paved with asphalt; usually the pavement consists of three layers: the base, the connecting layer and the wear layer. 

On new roads, before paving the asphalt layers, it is necessary to create a suitable foundation in mixed concrete suitable for “holding” the subsequent layers of bituminous conglomerate.
All asphalt paving operations done by Vitali S.p.A. are carried out with the latest machinery and technologies to ensure the best possible result.